When my daughter first attended MindWare, she wasn’t capable of reading anything. She couldn’t write out the alphabet. At her previous school she and I struggled through impossible “spelling lists” and she failed to master the long lists of words we were assigned. She felt so bad about herself. She is now attending high school – entering grade 12. She has maintained an average of over 90% in the academic stream. She is planning on attending university in engineering.


MindWare was a shining light on our paths and in our son’s life. Our son was really struggling to read when he joined MindWare and in just a few weeks we saw a change, we saw a chance…


Parent of boy who has just completed college

From the start MindWare accepted and took me in, and like a bird with a broken wing, the wonderful people of the school nursed me back to health, so that I cold fly, I could strive.

Former student

Finishing grade 12

MindWare was what got me from struggling through a paragraph to actually making writing fun. It’s a place where instead of being told to catch up, I was actually helped to get ahead. From my first day I felt like I was included and that feeling stayed the entire time I was there.

Former student, now in university

In 2009 we literally showed up on the door step of MindWare Academy mid-September with our 11 year old son. Panicky, teary-eyed parents and a scared boy. Mrs. Holloway listened to our story with such sensitivity. She welcomed our son into the school that day – gave him a chance.

He is now 17 and is a successful student in Grade 11at a local high school. He has confidence he is funny and sensitive. He would not be who he is without MindWare. We are truly grateful.


Parents of a grade 11 student

MindWare Academy was for me a gift of insight; a school full of fond memories, great friends and wonderful teachers. I overcame many challenges and how to truly understand my learning disability. I cannot thank you enough for all of the advice and encouragement. You were truly the ‘stepping stone’ into my educational adventure.

Former student

Finding out about your school was a pure blessing for our family. We watched our son be bullied due to his ‘differences’. Attending MindWare was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He went on to re-integrate into the Public School system and finished high school in 4 years. He still speaks of the school regularly.


Parents of a former student who has since graduated from college

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