Registration and Tuition Fees


Application Fee: $100

Non-refundable application fee. This is not offset against any tuition.

Enrollment Deposit: $2000

Due upon acceptance or, for returning students, April 1st of upcoming school year

Payment Options:

Option A:


Per semester. Due on 1st of Sept., Nov., Feb.


Option B:


Due on 1st of month from Sept. to June.

Net Total: $16,750

These tuition fees are tax deductible as a medical expense provided the proper documentation is in place. To ensure the claim is not rejected, you need a letter from a psychologist “prescribing” MindWare Academy as well as a letter from Mindware Academy explaining that we are able to offer a program that is not available elsewhere.  These tax letters are provided in February each year and outline the student’s working diagnosis, accommodations provided by MindWare Academy and the tuition amounts paid in the previous tax year.

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